The best way to earn money today: generate passive income


The reality today in 2020 is that traditional employment is in the process of disappearing. The paradigm of studying 15 or more years to obtain a university degree, get a job in a good company, work there daily from 8 to 5 for many years, have benefits that protect you and retire at 65, is a story of the last century. Today that life plan does not work.

The percentage of young people who finish a career is very low. The cost of obtaining a university degree is prohibitive for most students, who finish their studies, indebted and looking for a job, increasingly scarce and worse paid, and in many cases of disappearing professional specialties.

Companies no longer want to accumulate labor liabilities, prefer outsourcing or temporary hiring from outside; the independent business relationship, without benefits or pensions. Nowadays, not many young people last long in a job and do not like to do seniority in the employment relationship. Pensions are disappearing or becoming personal retirement savings plans. The life expectancy of the employee is increasing, but the useful life in a company is becoming shorter.

Employment, the form of income most sought by the economically active population, no longer meets the demand for work and increasingly decreases its supply, in its traditional form.

Against this background, what is the best way to earn money today?


The best way is, to venture into the generation of Passive Income

For those who have lost their job and have difficulty obtaining another, the best option is to find a way to generate passive income, that is, income that you can generate from your knowledge, your experience, a skill or an asset that you have, and that they do not require your permanent presence to generate them.

There are different ways of generating passive income and one of them is owning your own business, as Kiyosaki says, “owning a system that works for you.”

Any traditional business like fast food businesses, small restaurants, an island in a mall to sell accessories, cell phone cases, or other items, a yoga, pilates or martial arts school etc., or a franchise require an investment significant, months of planning and preparation, high monthly expenses for rent, employees, services, etc. and despite the capital, effort and time invested, there is no guarantee that they will be successful. A high percentage fail before the age of 2, due to lack of experience and knowledge or sufficient capital to support the learning curve.

If you lost your job or still have it, but your income is not enough, you probably don’t have enough capital to start your business; It is also likely that you do not have a product or service to offer and it is very likely that you do not have business experience. Under these conditions, you will surely ask yourself,

If I have no capital, product or business experience, what is the best way to start?

There are several ways to start your business, even if you don’t have capital, product or experience. On this page I will propose some options that may be useful for those who are going to make this important decision and we will start in this article, with one for which the requirements are minimal.

The first is a type of business with which you have probably had contact and I am referring to network marketing companies or multilevel companies, which invite you to be an independent distributor (Gig economy), give you a line of products, train you to sell them, they give you a license to duplicate and create your own distributor structure and have well-proven procedures and systems to help you grow your organization.

Five reasons why Networkmarketing can be a good option to start.

1. Investment is affordable and the barrier to entry is not high. There are entrance fees from $ 100 dollars and no previous experience or knowledge about the type of business or the products or services to work is required. Generally, the price of income corresponds to the value of the inventory of products that are received at the beginning and usually at a price below its normal price, so that the distributor is not at risk of losing what is invested. If he doesn’t like the business and he retires, he can use or sell the purchased products and get his investment back.

2. It is a good school to learn. A good network marketing company, can be a good personal training school to learn how to sell, (which is the central function of any business) to lose the fear of interacting with other people, individually and in groups, to learn to manage positively the rejection of your clients and prospects and to develop your leadership skills as you form your own organization.

3. You can reach a satisfactory income level. If the new independent distributor spends at least a year learning, mastering, and developing their business, they will surely have acquired knowledge, skills, experience, and possibly a decent income. At that time, you can reevaluate if you like and in that business, you can raise your income to satisfactory levels and continue or consider other options more in line with your talent and personal strengths, but in different economic and professional conditions.

4. You have a variety of products and companies to choose from. There are hundreds of network marketing companies, in very different fields, from personal care, to travel, through nutritional supplementation and telephone services. This allows selecting the type of product that is most appropriate for the personality and environment of each person.

Whoever is in the search process must take into account various factors to make the most appropriate decision for him, such as the type of product line, his identification with it, the price of his products, the testimonials or comments about them, the time the company has been in the market, its compensation system, etc.

5. They give you a turnkey business.. The company with which you associate, provides you with the brand, proven products, training and infrastructure for sales, logistics, administration and control, which practically gives you a business ready to operate from the first day of your admission, training you to operate it and make it grow, for an accessible investment and practically, without risk.

Why do many people speak ill of network marketing?

The image of this line of business is not the best among many people, due to several cases in which this type of business has been used to create “pyramids”, money contribution networks that offer great profits to those who create them, at the cost of what those who are below contribute and who enter expecting an easy, fast and abundant profit and, when the network disappears, they end up without receiving the offered profits and losing their money. In sin they carry penance.

A very important factor that sometimes makes the new independent distributor underestimate its value, is looking at it from the perspective of the employee, who needs a boss and wants to have a safe income, even if it is low, and when he does not find this in the first weeks, leaves the business finding any justification for doing so.


Passive income is the best way to earn money today. Starting a business is a way to generate them, but many of those who have lost their jobs lack the capital, the product or the experience to open it. There are ways to do it under these conditions, which we will present on this page. Networkmarketing is one of them, with an accessible investment, with low entry barriers, where you can learn to obtain passive income and where you receive a business ready to operate

In my next article I will discuss another option to start, and remember, the best way to generate income is passive income.

Your comments and questions are welcome and I will be happy to assist you.


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