Seven good books to encourage you to start your business

On many occasions, when the job we are in goes into crisis; when we have been part of a cut in personnel or when after distributing many job applications we have not had a response, we may have thought about starting our own business; however, the lack of experience, the lack of a product or service to sell, or the lack of sufficient capital have caused us to discard that idea in fear of failure and of losing the available savings.

To reconsider that idea, overcome doubts and encourage you to take that step, I want to recommend seven good books that each one, from a different angle, can give you the elements to convince you that starting your business can be a good option, to achieve financial freedom and that if you discard limiting beliefs, select a good idea, validate it, focus on it and dedicate yourself to developing it, it is feasible to start from scratch, find the required guidance and support and learn in the process with an affordable investment of cost and time.

1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Robert Kiyosaki


Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids about Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!

This is a book that millions of people know, although not everyone has read it. Robert Kiyosaki has expressed in a very simple way for many years, the drawbacks of the paradigm that dominated during the generation of Baby Boomers and the next, and that even today constitutes for many people their road map: study hard, make a career, enter in good company, to last for many years and retire. Robert Kiyosaki, in this book, contrasts the vision of his biological father, his Poor Dad, a traditional employee who, with great efforts, gave him an education, with the vision of his Rich Dad, the father of a school friend, an entrepreneur who showed him other vision, the businesses path, that Robert should follow, if he wanted to achieve comfort and financial freedom. The result of this experience has determined his entire successful business career. Worth reading it.

2.The Cash Flow Quadrant. Robert Kiyosaki.

Robert Kiyosaki presents in a very clear and powerful way, the 4 fundamental ways of earning income and provides in this book the options and implications of each. Security is sought in one half of the quadrant and freedom in the other. Both objectives are valid and very respectable, but with different implications, each one in terms of risk, way of acting and results. This approach allows the reader to locate himself in what part of the quadrant he is today, identify the desired or aspirational place and visualize the way to achieve it. Understanding The Cash Flow Quadrant is essential for everyone who is in the process of deciding their economic path.


3. The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. T Harv Ecker

This businessman narrates his evolution in business, from the change of mentality he had in relation to money and wealth. The beliefs we have about this can be decisive for our economic success and can be limiting or stimulating. The author presents the causes of the limiting way of thinking, regarding money, and proposes 17 files on Wealth in which the way of thinking of those who make money is contrasted with the way of thinking of those who do not do it and do not have it. If we want to achieve our goals of financial freedom, it is very important to prevent our subconscious from becoming a spoiler rather than an ally of our economic success. The content of this book can help us achieve this.


4. Running Lean. Ash Maurya

This is a fundamental book for those who already have a business idea to carry out that addresses two central points: How to avoid investing time and excessive capital in knowing if you have a good product for your market and how to validate if the ideas about the business are clearly defined and articulated to meet the need or problem of the target customer. For this purpose, it provides a simple and very effective model for structuring a business plan, when the company is starting up and does not have a history of results, that serve as a reference for preparing the plan. This is an extremely useful guide to give business shape and viability and to test it on the market and correct or refine it “before putting all the meat on the grill”.

5. Start with Why. Simon Synek

This is an inspiring book that maintains that what has made some of the largest corporations successful has been having a why, being able to communicate it to their clients and make it the point of alignment of their how and their what. Simon Sinek has presented his concept to thousands of audiences, through his so-called Golden Circle, made up of three concentric circles: Why in the central place, How in the middle circle and What in the outer circle, and evidence, with very concrete and convincing examples, how a powerful and inspiring Why is the force that expands the circle of How and What; warns of the mistake that many CEOs make of focusing their company on the How or the What, without finding a Why that drives their company and their customers to believe in them and to prefer them over other similarly capable competitors.

6. The One Thing. Gary Keller

This seems to me a very useful book if you want to achieve the goals that you set for yourself. A fundamental observation of Gary Keller is that the great characters in history achieved their most valuable results because they were centrally dedicated to developing One Thing: Mozart, Michael Jordan, Jimmy Hendrix, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Michael Phelps, Messi. They are figures with extraordinary results for dedicating themselves in a focused way to their selected activity. Focusing on One Thing is the central proposition. In the book you will find the steps to follow to identify that one thing and make it the central focus of your attention, your time, and your activity. If you do, you can achieve your most desired goal, your goal in 5 years and the intermediate goals of one year, one semester, one month, one week and today. I believe that following this system of focusing on One Thing and avoiding dispersion will help achieve extraordinary results on that One Thing.

7. Deep Work. Cal Newport

This is a book that makes the difference between superficial work and deep work, the first as something without much value, hollow and easily emulated, and the second as productive work, which generates beneficial results for many people and which, for Being difficult to do, if you apply it, puts you ahead of your competition. In order to excel, our reality requires us to learn constantly and quickly and to produce fastly and with high quality. Cal offers in this book some practical guides on how to organize your time and what actions it is important to take to avoid superficial work, deplete your availability of time and energy and reduce your ability to generate deep and productive work. Cal recommends the establishment of daily rituals, which become habits that assure you effective and concentrated attention on important activities; eliminate or restrict to a specific and limited time, the attention to your social networks and emails and shows the way to schedule your day. Cal suggests that you make this approach to deep work a lifestyle and proposes various resources to achieve it.


At this moment of decision or beginning, I want these books to give you the elements so that you follow the recommendations of Rich Dad, locate yourself in the Cashflow Quadrant and decide to be on the right side of the quadrant; I hope you discard beliefs that limit your right to economic success and wealth and acquire a Millionaire Mind; that you can order and validate your ideas with the Running Lean´s Canvas template and design your minimum viable product, to test your idea at the lowest cost of time and money; I hope you find an Start with an inspiring Why for your business, that satisfies you that distinguishes it and that allows you to align with it, your how and your what and I hope that you find the type of business that best suits your talent and personal taste so that focus on it and make it your One thing, and that in the process of starting and building your business, discard superficial work and embrace Deep Work as a lifestyle to generate faster and high quality results.

Your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome and it will be my pleasure to receive and attend you.






  1. Hello,

    Starting a business is always a daunting task, many run away from the simple idea of doing the first step due to what seems to be like an overwhelmingly difficult task.

    So everything starts with the mind, it starts playing tricks on us with a flood of negative thoughts. Second, our entourage (Friends and family) will unintentionally draw us down due to their own negative mindset.

    Accordingly, if I have to choose between your “Seven good books to encourage you to start your business” I would go for “Rich dad, Poor dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.



    • Thank you Jordan for your comments. you are right, the fear of failure or leaving the current comfort zone and in many occasions the resistance of family or friends, are the barriers to overcome when we want to start a business and therefore, our personal motivation and our conviction doing so is decisive. Your selection seems to me an excellent starting point. Best regards. 

  2. I have to say that Rich Dad Poor Dad has changed the way I think about money, who would have thought that your home is not an asset? Also his story on the cash flow quadrant is also very inspiring. I have heard so many good things about Start with why, I have the book but never really got the time to read it. Will read it asap! Thanks for recommending all these amazing books! 

    • Thanks for your comments Nuttanee, the three books you mention are important in terms of the clarity of the reasons for undertaking and the punch that finding a reason for your business gives you; MM is focused on removing limiting beliefs regarding wealth; Running Lean offers you the ways to give shape and consistency to your business idea,and test it, and the remaining two, highlight the importance of focusing on an idea and working productively on it. Each one adds and enriches your mentality to expand your chances of success.

  3. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. I was taught, if you want o advance in life read a book, if you want to start a business read a book, if want to start anything at all read a book… I have read a lot of business books and among all my favourite is listed here (Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Robert Kiyosaki) it the best book that encouage one on buisness…i indulge everyone to read it.

    • Thanks for your comments Ismeglamour, as you say, books accompany us in many moments of life and we all have some that have influenced us in a decisive way. In the case of your favorite, I also think it is a fundamental book to take the step of undertaking. Kiyosaki identified points of great importance for the entrepreneur and the 2 books, written by him, that I mention, expand the vision to start this path. Take a look.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this informative article with everyone. Books are a storehouse of knowledge, so if you want to learn or start something, you must read books. And if a good book can play a role in starting a new business, then there is no question. I think the seven books mentioned in your article can be very effective in starting any business. I personally read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad and learned a lot from it that inspired me to start a new business. So I will tell you to read books, acquire knowledge, and start something new.

    • Thanks for your comments Md. Asraful Islam, what you say about good books is very true. If you liked Rich Dad Poor Dad, surely you will like the second book of his that I recommend. Each of the books adds to the purpose of supporting those who start a business to have a more solid start.

  5. Of all the books that you have shared here, the only one that I have read before us the rich dad poor dad book and I have to at that it is a very powerful book to read. I think I have to try out some of the remaining six you recommended here though and see what I can learn from them too. All in all, this is quite a read. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Jay, thanks for your comments, the Kiyosaki book you read is a very good book to take the first step and I assure you that the Cash Flow Quadrant will give you elements to affirm your decision to build your business. I recommend that you read it and as I comment in the article, each of the books mentioned, adds a piece so that you can shape and advance your business.

  6. hellooo mdragon, thanks alot for sharing such an amazing and educative article with us all, i was actually doing some research online when i came across your site and i must say i really find it nice, i believe i have read the rich dad and poor dad and what i can say is that both thier mentality is different, thanks alot for the info

    • Thank you Charsleethan1 for your comment, indeed, the way of thinking of the Rich Father is different from that of the Poor Father and the actions and results are also very different. Good that you are in the way of thinking of the Rich Father!

  7. Thank you very much for writing this recommendation. Sometimes, I have this urge to start my small business. During this pandemic period, I’ve realized that it’s easy to lose a job. I don’t really want to be dependent to others, so I do need some courage and technical skill to start a business. I’ve heard about Rich Dad, Poor Dad; but I will also check other recommendations. Thank you very much. 

    • Thanks Alblue for your comments. Indeed employment is declining and starting your own business is the best option, however it is not easy, it takes preparation, discipline and persistence even if the results do not come as quickly as desired. I think each of the recommended books can be very useful to you. Maybe you should read now, The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and The One thing. Greetings and the best for you.

  8. Hello Mdragon, Just read your blog about “Seven good books to encourage you to start your business”. I really enjoyed reading it. Out of the list which you have mentioned, I have completed reading Rich Dad…Poor Dad. Thanks for sharing this awesome article. Starting business is not an easy task. it would be of great help to the those who are on their way to start business. Reading a book gives you everlasting knowledge. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Thanks DigitallyRajesh, for your comments. Rich Dad Poor Dad has become a classic book for entrepreneurs. I think you would find each of the other books very useful and inspiring, I hope you have the opportunity to read them because as you say, it is useful information and knowledge now and forever. Best regards.

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