How earn money with a Blog

Not long ago, I thought that I was someone technified because I used daily Word to write my proposals, Excel to keep my budget and Power point to make my presentations, and I also had a smartphone with Facebook, WhatsApp, my email, some applications and a camera and I could communicate wherever I was, so that when I heard about blogs, it seemed to me something distant and alien that technocrats or people who entertained writing did.

After 4 months of Covid 19, taking a training program on an internet business modality, I have had the opportunity to get in contact with experts on different topics, appreciate how successful their businesses are and learn about many of the resources and tools that they have used to develop them and achieve their goals.

In this article, I propose to communicate to you what I have considered the most practical and feasible on how earn money with a Blog

What is a blog?

Creating a blog is like opening a newspaper or a personal magazine to publish the content that we are interested in sharing in its different sections, and like a newspaper or magazine, when the content is of interest and useful, it captures a large number of subscribers and readers who buy them, and as this number increases, it becomes an attractive medium for brand and product owners who find the market for that publication interesting.
It is essential that creating and maintaining a Blog does not become stressful for us but on the contrary, it is a stimulating personal adventure to undertake. Every difficulty that we encounter, which is natural because we are not familiar with the environment or with some of its tools, we must see as a challenge to our ability to understand and persist, with the assurance that this process, positively assumed, will generate learning and it will keep our neurons active and renewed and our spirits alive and fresh.

First steps

The first step is to make the decision to do it: “I want to open my blog to share my experience and knowledge, in a productive way, with many people who may find it useful.”

The second step is to define what content is going to have and what audience it is aimed at. In other words, it is important to define the type of knowledge or experiences that we want to share and what niche of people it is that may be of greatest interest and utility.

The topic that you select for your blog, in addition to being about something you know or master and / or something that you are passionate about and enjoy doing, should be about something that can be economically productive, because this purpose is an incentive to do it every time better and more efficient.

The topic must address a need or problem of a specific audience that is the one that will be willing to follow it if they consider what they receive useful or valuable.

The topic, the need it serves and the niche it is aimed at, are important elements to consider when giving a name to your Blog and to give it the most appropriate appearance. Some examples of blog names that illustrate the above are: Blogtrepreneur, Businessopportunities, Feldthoughts, Seth Godin, Sheownsit, Smarthustlemagazine, Thepennymatters, Startups.co, Acleanplate, Bitesofwellness, bornfitness, cookincanuck, damndelicious, fatburningman, thescore, talksport, etc.

Options to monetize your blog

To select the topic, the type of need it serves and the audience niche, it is important that you know different options to earn money with your Blog.

The ones that I am going to comment on are the following: 

  • Sale of own services
  • Sell your own physical products
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Advertising Sale
  • Sponsored content
  • Supporter Donation


1. Sale of own services

A first option to open and develop a blog is to promote the hiring of your professional services, sharing knowledge and experience related to the activity that you developed in the companies for which you worked or independently. The articles, information and data that you share can show the degree of knowledge and mastery you have on a subject and naturally generate the request for your services by companies or by other professionals to whom they are useful.

It is also possible that you have developed a course, a workshop, a book or ebook and your blog can become a powerful means of promoting and selling these products among your followers.

The prestige, the credibility gained through your publications, the comments and your answers to questions received, are a very valuable antecedent that supports the quality of your service.

2. Sale of own physical products

It is possible that we have a business in which we sell some line or lines of products related to an area of ​​preference or personal knowledge and a Blog can be a complementary way of promoting them, providing detailed information about our products that induce your purchase by of our readers or subscribers.

There are facilities such as WooCommerce, to incorporate within our blog a store where we can display our products and sell and charge directly on our page.

3. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most widespread ways to market a Blog and consists of making reviews of third-party products and services, or comparisons between different brands, which give readers of our page elements to acquire, with more information, the one that best adjusts to their needs and possibilities.

This type of business offers a great opportunity to create a blog about an activity or hobby that we know or master, such as weight control, cooking, gardening, cycling, camping, martial arts, golf, etc. as this will give us the authority to comment on and recommend products or services related to the topic chosen for our blog. For example, if our blog talks about Healthy Weight, the products that we can review and recommend can be Fat-free or low-calorie products, personal scales, nutritious and low-carbohydrate drinkable preparations, clothing, accessories or equipment to burn fat, etc.

A vast majority of the big brands, such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Ebay, have affiliate programs to promote their products. In the same way, there are dozens of platforms that concentrate thousands of freelancers who offer tutorial courses, workshops, programs, etc., such as Fiverr, Clickbank, Thinkific, Teachable, which have affiliate programs and pay those who make sales through the recommendation on their blogs.

The interested party registers as an affiliate, in some of these platforms, receives an identification hotlink and with that key he relates, on his blog, the selected products that he wishes to recommend.

If the person who reads it acquires the product, through him, he receives a commission for the sale that ranges from 4 to 10% on physical products, and up to 75% on online products. If you want to know more about this type of business see my article Affiliate Marketing.

4. Advertising Sale

Another possibility of earning income through your blog is to sign up for an advertising network which finds advertisers for whom your blog and your audience are interesting and provides you with the ads already prepared to place on your page. You get a commission in different ways.

Some of the most important advertising programs are: Google AdSense, Facebook Audience Network and Amazon A9.

It is necessary to meet some requirements, such as having quality content, having made at least 10 or 15 well-rated posts and having an attractive appearance, ease of navigation for your users and not using inconvenient themes and language.

5. Sponsored Content

Another way to obtain income from a blog is when you have managed to become an influencer or an authority on your topic and you have an interesting number of followers, and some company, who cares about the market of people who read your blog, can commission you to publish sponsored articles for you to recommend a product, announce a launch or speak favorably of one of its brands.

6. Donations

There are sites such as technology, news, photos, etc. In which a useful service is offered for many people that are free and that once the service has been used, it gives you the option of contributing whatever you want to sustain the blog.

If your blog does not have a commercial focus, but you share useful and interesting information that generates a number of loyal followers, who appreciate your work and your content, this may be a way to obtain cooperation that covers the time you spend generating that service.

Combination of several of the above

When your blog becomes, due to the interest generated by your articles, a site followed by hundreds or thousands of people, your blog can become a place to promote and sell your advisory or consulting services,  or a place to sell products yours as courses, workshops or ebooks, in a place where you recommend the tools or products that you have used or are applying satisfactorily and obtain income from Affiliate Marketing and you can also obtain income from Advertising ads that Adsense incorporates to your page or receive requests of articles sponsored by brands who are interested in the market of the audience that follows you.

As you can see, a blog is a starting point for an adventure or an income generator that you can take as far as your vision, learning, dedication, perseverance and creativity allow. Achieving it is not easy or overnight, but it can become a stimulating, reactivating and productive activity in a stage of life in which we have much to share and in which we have needs to cover.

What´s next?

If you want to start building your blog, you will find countless articles on how and with what tools to do it. Personally, given the large number and variety of options, I chose to enroll in Wealthy Afffiliates, a training platform for people who want to develop as affiliate marketers, where they have taken me from scratch, teaching me to create my own blog page, from autonomous way, giving me the facilities to host it and buy my domain and training me in the steps to make it productive. Registration is free, you can learn the first steps to open and build your blog, free of charge.

Now I can, in addition to Affiliate marketing, sell advertising or promote my services in my current Blog, startybtools.com or I can create, on this same platform, other blogs, with another topic, another name, aimed at a different audience, promoting or selling what I want, because they have already shown me the way and because I continue to learn.
Signing up for Wealthy Affiliates is free, you can learn the first steps to open and build your blog, free of charge.


If you are over 55 or are already retired, but you have an interest in staying mentally and intellectually active and want to do it in an economically productive way, opening a blog on the internet may be the best option to try.

There are different ways to earn income from a blog, such as selling your services, selling physical products, advertising on your site, doing Affiliate marketing, making sponsored articles, getting donations for your articles or carrying out a combination of various forms of income. within your blog.

The possibilities are diverse, the road is not easy and the results are not overnight, but the process can reveal aspects of ourselves that we did not know, develop skills that we had not applied or put into practice and give us professional satisfaction, personal and economic, if we have the dedication, patience and perseverance in the purpose that we set ourselves.

Your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome and I will be happy to answer them as soon as possible.




  1. My blog generates about $500 per month on average and this is something I do on a part-time basis for the past 2 years. With the economic uncertainty looming before us, the plan is to invest more time working on my blog and learning new marketing/digital skills because who knows how long our day jobs are going to last. I think digital affiliate products are worth looking into moving forward like online education or membership subscriptions. Those are the things people are more interested in buying nowadays. 

    • Thanks Cathy, fofr your comments. It seems to me that the decision to advance in your digital business is very good and timely, because jobs are on a decreasing trend and activity on the internet, on the contrary, are on the rise rapidly. I believe that spending more time to strengthen your affiliate marketing business you can increase your income and decide when it is appropriate to make the change from employment to your business.

      Recent information that may be useful to you says that of the blogs with more than 2000 dlls per month, 25% are in niche marketing, 24% in personal finances and 17% in food. Excellent week, Cathy!

  2. Thank you for this encouraging article, It gives me hope because I just started with my blog and  I’m working hard and hoping to monetise it in the near future. My main focus has been on affiliate marketing and selling of personal services. You opened my eyes to other best ways to can generate money from my blog ,Thank you,

    • Thank you Bogadi for your comments, I am pleased that the post has been useful to you and that you have identified other opportunities to monetize your blog. I believe that the key is to get traffic to the page and if you do it, there are many opportunities to earn income. It is not easy but we have to think about our goal and find the way to reach it.

  3. I am a very big fan of learning something new and now seeing that you have shared this post about how to be able to make money online through owning a blog is very good. There are so many ways to do it and it is hard to choose which one is the best. Do you think that it would be nice if I combined two or three of these ways to make money from my blog?

    • Thanks for your comments Jay, regarding your question I think the first goal to achieve is to get a good level of traffic to your blog. Once you get a good level of traffic, the possibilities of monetizing your website multiply, because the audience that follows you constitutes a market for you, for the products you recommend, and for the brands who are interested in that market or in the authority. and influence that you have achieved. My recommendation would be, expand your traffic before diversifying.

  4. A year ago I had no idea what affiliate marketing was and I was really skeptical about giving it a try. I had no knowledge base regarding websites so that was a little scary for me, but after some training and the help from people who are full of knowledge on these topics, I finally had the confidence to do it and so far, it has been going really well. 

    • Congratulations Stephanie for getting over that stage of skepticism and moving forward with your affiliate marketing project. I think it can be a very good income generator if we learn to do it well, if we are persistent and if we put the benefit to our readers ahead. Keep it up!

  5. My man! What an amazing article. I have had my own blog for around 5 months. I am not generating income, although I have affiliates on there. I am definitely going to go down the advertising site to earn money. I have bookmarked your site, so that I can read it over again. Thank you so much.

    • Thanks for your comments Puneet, I am glad that you have found it useful. I am also starting and learning and focused on understanding the internet environment to take full advantage of it. This month I want to publish more posts and I would very much like you to visit my site and find them useful. Nice week!

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