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I start my website wishing to communicate with the millions of people who have lost their jobs, specially those aged 50 and over that are very concerned and with great uncertainty about their employment and economic future.

I hope that in a few weeks the vast majority will regain their jobs. However, I know that for many this will not be the case, because, after this pandemic, many businesses will have closed, others will gradually restart and reduce their workforce while they recover their sales and others will have decided during this crisis to modify their work systems and their organizational structures.

My message to everyone is that the world does not end here and that there are other options to generate income that may be better than our previous employment and that perhaps we would never have given ourselves the opportunity to explore, without experiencing a crisis of this magnitude.

Current employment is declining and that trend will increase.

In a recent 2019 study published by McKenzie, he predicts that 800 million jobs will disappear in the next 10 years. Vivian Lan, director of Singularity University at Summit Mexico in October 2019, raised this figure to more than 1 billion. Much of this trend is derived, partially, from the accelerated process of automation and robotization that is taking place in many industries around the world.

Many companies are laying off their senior workers and employees, to avoid accumulating labor liabilities, and are choosing to outsource staff through outsourcing companies.

Many people are losing their job at age 50 and regardless of whether they are properly liquidated, this money is only enough to live a few months. In many places getting a job after 50 is almost impossible, companies give preference to younger people willing to learn and do the same job at a much lower cost.

The dismissed personnel begin to knock on doors unsuccessfully and the most they receive are temporary job offers, on the outside, without social benefits and with lower payments than the previous ones, with no possibility of negotiation. Take it or leave it.

The Gig Economy

The trend in many countries is the so-called Gig Economy, which consists of obtaining the necessary activities for a company, without generating employment ties, but rather hiring outsiders who meet the most convenient requirements for the company.

Uber is a very clear example of this economy. Thousands of people work for Uber,without a working relationship,putting their time, their car and paying a percentage for the use of the company’s platform that connects customers with service providers and manages their business.

Something similar happens with Airbnb,where the generators of the company’s big business, put their houses or apartments, condition them, maintain them, do the cleaning and attend to their guests, without having a working relationship with the owners of the digital platform.

This is the trend and we should not be surprised by the emergence day after day of similar formulas that no longer occupy employees or workers, as has been the traditional way, until now.

In order to move towards building your own business, you don’t have to “burn the ships” of employment, the ships are already being burned by the market.

Freelancing or Self-employment

A common situation in which many employees find themselves when they are fired is self-employment, that is, doing the same job they had been doing in the company, but now independently, from home, offering their services to different clients. This step, which is very logical and practical in order to generate income, is in many cases the beginning of a path as an entrepreneur, becoming individuals with business activities.

Self-employment is also the way in which many specialists like a dentist, a karate instructor, a physical conditioner work, whose income depends on the number of consultations or classes contracted, which necessarily requires their physical presence. For example, in this pandemic in which these activities are closed or limited because they are contact activities, these professionals have no income, and as this period continues, their economic situation becomes more difficult.

Self-employment can be a good start to entrepreneurship, although it must be borne in mind that it is a very vulnerable position when earnings are linear and depend on the hours worked and the hourly rate because the generation of income depends entirely on the presence of the professional and If due to an accident, illness or an event like the one we are experiencing, he cannot do his job, he does not receive income.

What to do about this situation?

The recommendation for someone who does not recover their job is to start their own business in internet, and if they are a self-employed professional, they should seek to obtain, in a reasonable time, passive income.

A dentist, may say that his office is his own business, but as long as his work is his only source of income, he will be a self-employed and his income will be linear, how many weekly consultations do I give and how do I charge the consultation. If you go on vacation, if you get sick, if you have an accident and cannot make your consultations, you have no income and your income cap is your time, your rate and the demand for consultations you have.

Passive income is one that is generated without the need for our physical presence, for example, when a professional writes a book and the book sells well, he spends time writing it, but once published, he earns royalties every time his book is bought, even though he is on vacation on the beach. Another example is the compositions and songs of many artists in which a composition can be generating income for many years, for the composer and for his descendants.

For this purpose, to generate passive income, internet offers many opportunities to sell your experience and knowledge giving counseling, courses and workshops online and later it opens the possibility to sell them in other ways.

Building a business is not an easy work

Building a business is not an easy thing. More than 70% of businesses close before accomplish 2 years, due to lack of experience, lack of capital or market errors. Notwithstanding the foregoing, universities do not develop entrepreneurs, nor are there careers to learn how to do business.

For this reason, it is my purpose to share information, resources, instruments, business options, etc. with all those who want to share knowledgmente and experience, in internet and I will do it systematically through this page: Startybtools.com

Your comments or questions are welcome and I will gladly try to answer them daily.





  1. Very insightful information and surely of great value through this unprecedented crisis. Thanks!

    • Thanks Abigail, for your comments and I will try to generate information and provide useful tools for those who decide to choose the path of entrepreneurship. Best regards!

  2. This is fantastic.
    I find this to be very informative and well thought.
    It is very insightful to know that Uber and Airbnb are all operating such platforms.
    Indeed we are need a passive source of income. Thank you

  3. Thank you so much for this insightful article! I completely agree with you that people, unemployed and otherwise, should go into business for themselves. One can take great pride in his or own creation, as it is his or her baby, cultivated from the ground up, and fully shows the essence of who that person is. Why answer to a boss when you can be your own boss, be in control of your money, and do something that you genuinely enjoy doing. I am praying for everyone affected by this pandemic, but always know that God is in control, we’re covered in the blood of Jesus, and as long as we keep our eyes focused on him, we’ll be just fine. Great read! God bless you!

    • Thanks C.N.for your comments, and indeed in this situation, entrepreneurship is the best option for many people who have lost their jobs. It is important to make the decision to do it, identify your talent and your strengths and transform them into a product that serves many people. My interest is to help whoever so decides, to increase their chances of success. God bless you!

  4. Very well written we are entering a phase wherein people will be forced to take up entrepreneurship it is no longer an option. Hence, i feel building your skills and creating your presence in the online world is the way forward. I concur with your standpoints, thanks for sharing this…

    • Thanks Satz, you are right, entrepreneurship seems to be the best alternative for those who want to earn an income and quit the 9 to 5 work, and building an online business, is an excellent option. Greetings!

  5. I think you ‘set the table’ well with your first post. If I were an “unemployee” (I really like that term:) I would be intrigued and wanting to read more. Hopefully your next post will build on that and grab the reader. I don’t understand what you mean be “Smarybtools”. I’ll look forward to your next post!

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