Fiverr Review for Baby Boomers

I am convinced that Baby Boomers (born between 1946-1964) have valuable knowledge and experience that we must share and that the internet is the most powerful and accessible option to do so.

In my previous post, “Baby boomers, share your experience!” I proposed Fiverr, as a platform for boomers, interested in sharing their knowledge and experience, to get to know it and explore how this platform works and serves those who want to offer and sell through it.

My purpose in this article is to do a Fiverr review for Baby Boomers, from 3 perspectivesto:

I. Dimension and relevance of this platform

II. Opportunities and facilities offered to a Baby Boomer to sell their professional services

III. Services offered for entrepreneurs who are starting their business on the internet.

I. Dimension, relevance and characteristics of Fiverr

Fiverr offers professionals who sell their services a market of 2.5 million active users, in more than 150 countries, which has grown on average more than 30% annually.

Today, an independent professional could hardly find a market of this global scope and dimensions.

Registration for both the seller and the buyer is free

The variety of specialties offered to users and professionals who want to sell their services is very wide. It handles these nine general categories:

  1. Graphics & Design
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Writing & Translation
  4. Video & Animation
  5. Music & Audio
  6. Programming & Tech
  7. Business
  8. Lifestyle
  9. Industries

Within each category there are subcategories, in a number greater than 200, that illustrate the variety of activities and specialties that this successful platform covers.

The professionals that provide service are more than 800,000 and in the last year Fiverr made 8,000,000 transactions, which speaks of its incredible volume of operations as a platform for freelancers.

The quality of the service and the performance of each participant is rated by the user through a qualification on the quality and compliance of the contracted service and controlled by Fiverr, through a system that considers the time they have been operating on the platform, their volume of sales and the qualifications received, assigning a different level on that basis.

The levels that the user will observe in the selection filters are:

 Seller, Seller Level 1, Seller Level 2, Top Rated Seller.

II. Opportunities and facilities to sell professional services

A fundamental element to sell on Fiverr is that the seller must convert his service into a one or several products, (Gigs) and assign each one the corresponding price, which ranges from $ 5 to $ 995 Dlls. This is a first task to develop before selling on Fiverr.

The number of participants in the platform generates, in many specialties, great competition and this can be used by knowing who your competitors are, what services they offer and what prices they charge.

For a professional with experience in any business area, there are some categories where you can find affinity with your knowledge and I want to focus on one of them to show the type of areas and services in which you can find a space to offer your services to companies or independent professionals.

The Category that I want to show you in greater detail is, Business 


This category has two subcategories of operational type, which are Virtual Assistance and Data Capture. The first with several specialties.

This category also has areas in which many professionals can find an affinity with their experience and knowledge:

1. Market Research

2. Business Plans

3. Project Management

4. HR Consulting

And within the Human Resources area there are different areas of knowledge, which cover a wide spectrum of specialties.

o – Organizational Development

o – Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

o – Performance Management

o – Employee Learning & Development

o – Compensation & Benefits

o – HR Information Systems

Another area with great growth in recent months is

5. E-Commerce Management

Although it is a recent specialty, it is likely that the commercial and operational experience of many professionals could, with the appropriate technical training process, bring together experience and knowledge of the market and the service, with the power and agility that technological resources provide.

o – Product Upload

o – Supplier & Vendor Sourcing

o – Store Management

o – Product Research

Other areas that the platform offers are

6. Branding Services

7. Legal Consulting and

8. Financial Consulting. that presents a wide variety of services

o Analysis, Valuation & Optimization

o Accounting & Bookkeeping

o Tax Consulting

o Personal Finance & Wealth Management

o Financial Forecasting & Modeling

o Online Trading Lessons

9. Business Consulting

10. Presentations

11. Career Counseling

o Interview Prep

o Coaching

or Search & Apply

12. Flyer Distribution

13. Lead Generation

14. Other

Surely as specialties that do not fit into the current classification emerge, Fiverr will open new subcategories, to give the user space and ease.

There is another category on the Fiverr screen, INDUSTRIES, which appears with the following subcategories:

Games, Electronic Commerce, Publication of Books and electronic books, Podcasting, Political campaigns, Influencers, Architecture and Real Estate.

These subcategories have little offer, which seems to indicate that they are in the process of growth, but they point to other interesting specialties.

Important points for those who want to sell on Fiverr are:

o The seller does not have to worry about charging customers, Fiverr does.

o From each sale, the seller gets 80% of the price paid for the service.

o The payment is made initially 14 days after the customer has paid for the service. At higher levels the payment term is reduced to 7 days.

I end by saying that many companies outsource freelancers to Fiverr because it is much more convenient than having a staff employee for some services, in addition to the fact that, on this platform, they can choose from a variety of specialists with proven results and at very affordable rates.

An interesting fact is that currently, every four seconds a service is purchased on Fiverr.

III.Services for Boomers starting their business

For someone who starts his business, sharing experience, either offering his services in Fiverr or in some other service sales platform,  Fiverr offers gigs that may be necessary for the entrepreneur and that he can take advantage of due to their low cost and high practice with various clients.

Some of these services fall into these two categories:

Graphics & Design

This category has 11 subcategories and 41 different types of service and all of them are occupied by professionals or entrepreneurs depending on the type of activity that someone develops on the internet or outside the network, some of the services offered are the following:

Logo Design, Brochure Design, Storyboards, Web & Mobile Design, Social Media Design, Postcard Design, Catalog Design, Menu Design, Photoshop Editing, Book Design, Presentation Design, Infographic Design.

Digital marketing

This is a very powerful area of ​​services focused on increasing sales of all kinds of products using the power of the best and most formidable seller on the planet, the Internet.

This category contains 22 different technology services to access our potential clients, increase traffic to our web pages, promote ebooks, training or teaching videos, etc. and convert access to our pages or sites into sales using the variety of resources available on the internet.

Some of the most used subcategories are:

Social Media Marketing, SEO, Social Media Advertising, Public Relations, Content Marketing, Podcast Marketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Crowdfunding, Marketing Strategy, Web Analytics, E-Commerce Marketing, Book & eBook Marketing.

One of the strengths of Fiverrs, which is its enormous range of services, can sometimes become a situation that makes it difficult to choose, among such a variety of options, the one that best suits our needs.

The resource that the platform makes available to us is a filter system that reduces the options according to our need, for example. If I am looking for a Marketing Strategy service, I select the Digital Marketing Category and when I select the service I am looking for I find that there are 3841 providers of that service. Where do I begin? This is where filters are used. I select Service Options and if I look for a custom Plan, it is reduced to 1944 suppliers, I continue with Vendor Level and if I choose level two, it is reduced to 136, which is already a manageable volume which could still be reduced if I apply the filter of Delivery Time or Budget.

As can be seen, Fiverr has structured a system that facilitates access to users so that they can find and select a good option for their needs.


Fiverr is the most important platform in the world for freelancers to sell their service and for companies and other professionals to find the service they need.

Fiverr is a valuable resource so that Boomers who are thinking of sharing their experience and knowledge, have a place to present their services, with the guidance to go through these initial steps and shape a business that can generate very useful extra income, without having to invest money in a store, in a location with traffic, in inventories, or in employees.

Fiverr is also a useful platform to find the support of freelancers to delegate to them some of the necessary tasks to give your business image, presence and promotion, not only in your locality, but in all regions of the country or other countries where your experience and knowledge can be of use.

Your comments, observations and suggestions are welcome and I will be very happy to receive and assist them.



  1. Platforms like Fiverr is what we need online, it’s gonna help is in a lot of ways, bring new ideas and suggestions to the board and also connection vendors with customers. It’s very nice of you to share this details, it’s been really helpful on how to go about with Fiverr, I’ve learned a lot from it.

    • Thank you for your comments BjaYbOLt,  I am very pleased that you have found my article useful to perceive some sales and use possibilities of this abundant in opportunities, platform. 

  2. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure the information in this post will be of great help to anyone who come across it. Though it has not been easy for me since I joined fiverr mainly because I’m new to the system and I haven’t learnt much about it, but at least I still get paid.

    Thanks for sharing this with me, Its helpful!

    • Thank you Joy, for your comments. How do you participate in Fiver?

      I believe that the success of Fiver and the volumes achieved are sometimes the impediment for many who want to use it due to the number of freelancers that participate and the infinity of services it offers. I believe that as it happens in any company and in any business, as one gets to know one, one develops better and identifies opportunities. Surely this will happen in your case

  3. I think Fiverr is great as a customer. Unless you have something unique to add to your Gig you may struggle to get started. The prices have gone up and for some gigs you will struggle finding a gig for a fiver. The security of the site is good if you follow the rules, but to get a cheap gig you may have to take a gamble on a newbie.

    • Thanks Castle for your comments, your observations about Fiver are real and I believe that in any field and on any platform you will have competition, so you must find a way to differentiate yourself. As you say, one way to enter such a competitive market is with price, which is the strategy of many of those who start. The points of difficulty that you indicate are those that an entrepreneur must overcome to achieve their goals.

  4. With wealth of experience comes the need to actually share them and to get people working enough to actually focus on developing better. I actually value all you have shared here and I just say that this is very worthy to see here. The review about foverr here actually sums it up as a place to actually focs for boomers as they have the wealth of experience already to succeed here. Thanks

    • Thank you Kimberley for your comments, I believe that there are many Boomers, with rich experience and knowledge and that Fiverr offers them a platform to share them, as well as services that they may require to start their business, and the idea was to select and provide useful information for this group.

  5. Interesting article on Fiverr MDragon. The only problem with Fiverr is that where u will be seeling your gig for $ 500, there will be a guy selling the same for $5. What I shock I got when I saw someone promising to write an awesome speech for $10. And here I was asking for $300. And his gig itself was all in incorrect English. Haha. No wonder I never got any success at Fiverr. 

    By the way, nice use of keywords to write your article. 


    • Thank you Aparna for your comments and observations, effectively selling on Fiver or in any market, is not an easy task and with the number of participants, cases like the one you mention frequently occur. I think the challenge is to find a way to communicate to our potential clients what makes us better and different and to think that if others are achieving it, it is possible that one will also achieve it.

  6. I think that many baby boomers will find this post very valuable and I find that Fiverr as you have said is the perfect platform for helping the baby boomers share their experience too. There are so many ways this can be done and your list of them are all just so perfect. I must tell you that you did a good job. I like that.

    • Thanks Jay, your comments encourage me to continue in this idea of ​​providing tools to other colleagues of the Baby Boomers generation, that allow them to share their experience and knowledge on the internet.

  7. I know you state specificities toward baby boomers but I feel like this could genuinely be of help to anyone. Regardless though, you outdid yourself with this review and I truly appreciate the detail you put into it. I’m glad to have run into this review and learning more about Fiverr. I really do appreciate this, I’ll actually be explaining this to my grandma haha I’ll be showing this to her. Gracias

    • Thank you Misael for your comments, I am very glad that the article has been useful to you and I hope that your grandmother is encouraged to explore Fiverr and take advantage of it. Feliz domingo!

  8. Hello Mdragon, it’s really nice to be on your site and I really love the knowledge gained from reading about this fiverr review on baby boomers and I really like what you have done here. I haven’t so much love in writing and I really mean writing do fun but it would be really nice to get paid for my service as well and Fiverr might be the chance I need. 

    • Thanks Justin for your comments, I am glad that you have found useful information in this article. I believe that in Fiverr there are countless services that can be offered and it is very important, in order to obtain good results, that the service that you sell there is one that you like, for which you have skill and talent and that you enjoy doing it. Identify your talent, turn it into a gig and you will surely give quality and have good results.

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