We have been confined for 4 months and we are eager to resume our activities, however, the date to do so, is lengthening week after week, in fear of new infections. This can be frustrating due to the need for income or the desire to reunite with our colleagues, friends and family and to recover our normal lives.

My purpose in this article is to draw attention to the fact that Covid 19 can be the great opportunity to rethink our current professional activity and to analyze the convenience of starting a business, through the internet, giving some elements of information to encourage you to take this step, as well as some references to sites where you can find guidance and resources to select your type of business and start building it.

The sweeping automation process

The great threat to current employment is the increasingly accelerated process of automation and robotization, as Andres Oppenheimer shows in his revealing book “>The Robots are coming! In which, based on various investigations, it shows us the near future that is foreseen for some professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, teachers, doctors, bank employees, hotel and restaurant employees, etc..

The Financial Times published, last month, an analysis of the 100 companies whose value had the highest growth in the first half of 2020, the half of the Covid 19 pandemic. Of the top 20, 7 are technology companies, 5 they are from Ecommerce, and 3 more, Zoom, Netflix and Pay Pal are companies with a decisive support on the Internet, that is, that of the top 20, in value gain, 75% have the Internet, as an operating, access and sell platform to its market. 

In summary, this period of confinement, accelerated the process of modernization and the use of the internet in an expansive and totally unexpected way, so I think that instead of resisting this overwhelming wave, the smart thing is to get on it and take advantage of its momentum to reinvent ourselves and avoid being displaced from our current economic activity


They are sectors hurt or injured to death y Covid 19

A first reflection if you have always been employed, is to consider whether your current activity will be the best option to generate the necessary income, in the coming years, given the vulnerability to events such as this pandemic, which has not yet passed and which is probably not the last.

The impact has been devastating in sectors such as cinemas, mass shows, sporting events, gyms, face-to-face medicine, yoga classes, dance, martial arts, beauty salons, the entire tourist field, commercial flights, cruises, hospitality, restaurants, etc. in which multiple businesses are disappearing and if some of they survive, their recovery will be very slow, with the consequent economic impact for all those who work in or live in these sectors.

From Home Office to the sale of your online services

The exponential growth of the Home Office makes evident the feasibility of offering services, products and knowledge online without having to go to offices and workplaces to provide it. The ques

tion we can ask is, why not sell my knowledge online to a much broader market through the multiple platforms that exist for this purpose?  There are platforms that support the entire process of design, construction and monetization of your course, workshop or online advice and that are worth knowing to select the one that best suits your needs and objectives.

On the internet is the best seller in the world

The Internet has several characteristics that make it unique: the market is global, not local. Your client is not limited to your city, region or country, it can be all of your language, your type of culture, crossing borders of countries and continents; You can define your market niche and locate them with a precision that no other means can provide; You can advertise your product or service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, worldwide. You have at your service the best seller in the world, at an affordable and non-prohibitive price, as it happens in other media. In December 2019, the number of people using the internet exceeded 4 billion. Imagine the size of the market!

The barrier of entry is low for those who are willing to work their knowledge and resources, familiarize themselves with these tools and use them.

Start your business now, at home

This pandemic offers the opportunity to plan to start, build and launch your business, without leaving home, all over the internet. E-commerce has grown in the last 4 months, which took years to achieve, before this event.

A lot of people are using this time period to train online or in recorded courses and tutorials that they access via the Internet. Ecommerce soared exponentially; a very large proportion of sales in recent months went online. In some countries, the number of people who made purchases online grew by 60% even for people over 65.

Amazon increased its market value in the first half of the year by $ 401 billion. All of the above makes evident the enormous market that shot up in these months, to sell and buy physical products or knowledge, information and experience online.

Likewise, the internet also offers you the tools to locate your potential clients, their location, their age, their hobbies, their gender, etc. The Internet has the programs, the teachers, the platforms, the commercial places that you require to sell your product. And the Covid 19, has allowed us to see this opportunity more clearly and can help us overcome the indecision to technify ourselves or not. It must be done now. The Internet can be our ally or our enemy. Which one do we want?

Where do i begin?

There are different actions to start, such as defining what resources of knowledge, experience or personal talent you have, that you could turn into a useful product for many people and an initial step that can expand your vision in this process, is to go to the internet to see what they are making thousands of people for their followers and for generate income. There is everything you can imagine if you search on Google or YouTube, asking questions about what you want to know and you will  immediately find thousands of answers and proposals to generate income through and with the internet.


Technification has accelerated in this period of confinement caused by Covid 19. The Internet has allowed some sectors to grow extraordinarily and has caused others to be disappearing or to be frankly weak. Traditional employment and face-to-face professional work are no longer the best option to obtain income due to their vulnerability and limitations. This situation opens a great opportunity to start your own business, through the internet, due to the unbeatable advantages offered by low investment, low risk, international market, multiple resources to learn, platforms to offer your products and all this at your fingertips. your computer and at home. It is time to take the step and to ride this powerful and unimaginable wave.

 “Turn technology into your ally and not your enemy”.

Your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome and it will be my pleasure to receive and attend you.



  1. I absolutely enjoyed your post!  I love how you covered this topic about creating an online business during these unprecedented times.  COVID-19 has forced us to reevaluate our situations and learn to do things virtually.  Being able to have a business and income you can rely on that’s virtual is the ultimate game changer.  The internet is only growing.  I can’t imagine where the internet will be in the next 10 years.  I think Amazon increasing their business over $400 billion in the first half of the year speaks volumes!  The internet is where it is at.  

    Thank you for spreading awareness about such an important topic and providing such valuable information to your readers!

    • Thank you Lindsey for your kind comments, I think it is a moment that many of us must take advantage of to fully enter into the knowledge of what the internet has put within our reach and take advantage of it. I am interested in spreading this to many people who want to reinvent themselves and find new ways to generate income.

  2. Dear dragon sir,

    Hi there! I have been working in nursing for the past 10 years, then 10 years prior to that I worked as a pharmacy technician in retail and hospital pharmacies. I can attest to your robotics ideas, as I recall a love affair between 2 robots named Ruby and Rudy. Their dance was a synchronization to ensure they didn’t run into walls or people as they rode elevators to the floor nurses to drop of their cubbyholes packed with infusions, treatments and other prescriptions. There was also a parata robot who was programmed by the pharmacist and filled with the pills by a technician of pharmacy. These are memories over a decade old. Now we look over the 5G horizon and the sky is the limit of capabilites.

    I love your blog style and direct approach to the topic of our pandemic. The long sufferers are having time take a toll and the reality is outbreaks are on the rise despite facial coverings to help curve transmission. The time to begin, pivot and shape a company is now. With a solid foundation and support of a community who needs one another to succeed. It may sound counterintuitive but companies who niche down while spanning out the purpose of their brand stand to make themselves a household name.

    While many people remain secluded in isolation, quarantined, economically paralyzed we face the reality we need one another working as human beings together. For if the least of us suffer, we all suffer.

    Great work and inspiring content, relevant and worthwhile to read.

    Thank You & Kind Regards,

    Nurse Becca

    • Thank you Nurse Becca, for your interesting comments, which show the degree of awareness you have of the automation process that many specialties are experiencing. 

      I think that a central problem for many people is the uncertainty of what will happen next with their employment or professional activity, so my purpose is to help them to see the opportunity that this pandemic offers to reinvent ourselves and start today, an internet-based business, because it offers many of the necessary resources to take that step. Have a nice week.

  3. You are so right about taking up computer online business to earn income. Because, seems to me everything is working on online networking.

  4. Hello Mdregon, Enjoyed your post. I love how you covered this topic about creating an online business during these unprecedented times. This pandemic has forced us to reevaluate our situations and learn to do things virtually. The internet is only growing.  I can’t imagine where the internet will be in the next 10 years. I am interested in spreading this to many people who want to reinvent themselves and find new ways to generate income.

    • Thanks DigitallyRajesh for your comments, we both agree on our interest in showing many potential entrepreneurs the opportunity offered by Internet to start and build a business, taking advantage of this period of confinement.

  5. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this awesome article I know it  would definitely be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me…I must say covid-19 Corona virus pandemic has really been of help to a lot of persons especially me as it made me take the bold step of starting up a online business…

    • Thank you for your comments,Ismeglamour, I am pleased that this article has confirmed that your decision to start your business in this pandemic has been a good one. Good that you took the opportunity and now, move on!

  6. Yes, I believe that this is a time for people to start their online business and not waste the chance by doing nothing. Since the start of the pandemic, I have built my business and I am still building it till now. I have decided to start making money virtually. This is why I agree with you when you say that the internet is the best seller in the world.

    • Thanks Payton for your comments and congratulations for having taken advantage of this time that the pandemic gave us, to build your virtual business and promote it through the internet. Cheers and all the best!

  7. Hello There, thank you for sharing this informative and educative article.  This article is centered how to make use of this pandemic period to start one’s business online.  Truly this is a great opportunity to start something nice. As long as there’s the idea and capital, nothing else should stop anyone from starting a business. 

    • Thanks Lesley, you also see the opportunity that this forced conffination presents and your comment reaffirms it. We must take the opportunity and start our business on the Internet. Cheers to you.

  8. This is an interesting way of viewing COVID-19. And I agree with you that this pandemic has brought some definite changes to the workforce. I believe we won’t be the same after this pandemic is over. And I now get it that we should focus our energies on starting to work online. This post was a lot of food for thoughts.

    • Thank you for your comments Ann, I agree with you that our life will not be the same after the pandemic and it is opportune to take the step and deepen our technification by creating our business on the Internet. Regards!

  9. Couldn’t have agreed more with you mdragon,

    The covid situation has shown everyone that even secured jobs aren’t as secured as we may think. People are losing jobs, economy is failing, businesses are closing and to make matters worse, a few countries are even undergoing a recession! Thanks for touching on this issue, I appreciate it when someone voices up. entrepreneurship is the only way through, best of luck in your business too! 

    • Thank you Riaz Shah, for your comments, which confirm how difficult and uncertain the panorama is. I am pleased that we agree that it is an opportunity to build our business. Thank you for your good wishes and I hope we know how to obtain positive results from this crisis. Good luck!

  10. It’s funny I read your article and I have started my blog since covid began. Not since march, a little over a month now, but still it has given me time to think and write. I think there is a lot of potential in online business. I feel it is kinda scary to begin and put yourself out there. It’s scary to think that you will spend so much time and will fail. It seems especially useful to have an online business now that kids may be studying from home and school is in such flux. Do you suggest any businesses that help further the research to start an online business? How about seo research and social media traffic? 

    • Thank you Jenn for your comments, how good that you took advantage of this situation to start and it is very positive that you have taken advantage of the opportunity to do business on the internet. Regarding your fears, I had them too, when I enrolled in WA and on several occasions I have felt stuck and half lost, but I have continued the training plan and my doubts have been answered as I go along.

      Indeed, there are many types of business that can be done through Internet and the ones you mention are very interesting. I believe that it is important to do a business that produces passive income and that is why I chose Affiliate Marketing. Once this business is producing, I see various opportunities from other businesses that I will also consider, with more information and with a different perspective.

      My goal in this blog is to provide useful resources for people like you, who are starting their business and require guidance and support in this process. In the next two weeks I will include some books and courses that may be useful to you at this stage. I hope we keep in touch.

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