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If you are evaluating the convenience and possibility of starting your business;
If you have already the decision and you are in the process of defining your product,
identifying your niche market or if you are already in the construction or launching stage of your business,
you will find in this section books that may be useful in this process. I will be incorporating new books that I consider can enrich you as an entrepreneur
and help you achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.

Basic book to understand the paradigm shift of the 20th century employee and the importance of entering the paradigm of winning by results.

The 4 fundamental ways to earn money, their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. They allow you to locate where you are and how to go where you want to be.

Their beliefs are more important to the success of an entrepreneur than their abilities, and their beliefs about money and wealth may be the key to achieving it or losing it.

Automation is displacing many of the centuries-old traditional professions and many of today's jobs. Visualize what is coming and take action not to be displaced.

If you are going to start your business, learn the most important initial steps to ensure that your startup cost does not drain your resources before you validate your idea and the acceptance of your product.

Ask yourself the right questions and in the effective sequence before doing your business. This will allow you to define your product and its service very well for those to whom it is directed.

Focus. If you want to carry out your business, you better give it the required priority. Learn the ways you can make your time more productive and achieve your results soon.

Get an idea from where you need to start to build a company and funding your vision, build a leading an high performing team to a common vision and growth your business through evangelizing, partnering and socializing.