Baby Boomers, share your experience!

In previous articles I have addressed dissatisfied employees, freelancers or unemployed people, now I want to make contact with the Baby Boomers generation, the generation to which I belong and which has left its mark throughout each of their stages of life, creating enormous consumption bubbles, from their birth until now as older adults and also causing social and political impacts and profound transformations in different fields such as technology, music and science.

The oldest of this generation are now 75 or 74 years old and the youngest are between 55 and 60 and accumulate a valuable life experience, which they can share. 

Today Baby Boomers are transforming the traditional parameters of old age and after 60 or 65 years, many of them are still active, participatory and have extended their useful life, transferring that stage of life, old age, until after 80 years.

This extension of the active age has created a space of time in which it is necessary to stay economically, physically and mentally, in the best conditions, and for this purpose, I want to tell people, of this transforming human wave, Baby boomers! , share your experience! And I propose to do it, using internet technology to stay active, learning, teaching, undertaking and generating income.

From 60 to 80 years old, there is a great span of life to cover

The increase in life expectancy, derived from medical advances and enjoying better conditions of well-being, grew from 70 to almost 80 years in the last 50. This situation has complicated things for many people. Today a 57-year-old Baby Boomer, unemployed, is practically impossible to get it and he has at least 20 or 25 years ahead in which he has to support himself and his dependents. By the other hand, it is difficult for many baby boomers, that the savings are enough to cover this long period of maintenance and health care.

It is therefore necessary, in many cases, to remain active at work in order to be in the mental, physical and economic conditions that allow them to live this stage in good health and with the lifestyle they want.

Baby Boomers have valuable resources of experience and knowledge

Within the members of this generation there is an important stock of knowledge, experiences and achievements, in all fields and many people of this important group have accumulated in their 55, 60, 65, 70, or 75 years, valuable knowledge and experiences and acquired a personal and professional judgment that can be highly appreciated by companies and by people for generations to come. 

The important thing to note is that this is a valuable asset that can be transmitted and monetized, thanks to the large number of resources and facilities that the internet offers.

For this purpose, four conditions are necessary:

​1. To identify the knowledge and experiences that may be of value to other people,

2. To be willing to share them,

3. To know how this transmission can be carried out, through that powerful platform that is the Internet

4. Make the decision to take the necessary steps to make it happen.

If the answer is, “I think I have valuable things to share and I am willing to share, what would be the next steps?” the answer is,

The first step is to be willing to expand your knowledge and use of technology

Not being technified at this time is like not knowing how to read and write 100 years ago. If we only use the computer and the internet to send emails, watch movies, consult how a sheet metal is repaired or how a recipe is made, or to ask where Machu Pichu is located, or who Tesla is, it is time to take a step forward and explore the possibilities they offer to transmit and sell our knowledge or experience. Learning these other uses is also a great opportunity to stay mentally and intellectually active.

The most important thing about this is to have the attitude to learn and unblock the mental barriers that prevent us.

The confinement circumstance, which we are seeing, has accelerated the Technification process, as evidenced by the enormous growth of zoom users and Internet purchases, in the last 4 months. This situation of need to change habits can be a great opportunity to take the step

The use of internet technology, a great occupation and business opportunity

Next, I propose 3 different ways to take advantage of these resources, in a productive way through the Internet, this wonderful tool that I often call, the Aladdin’s lamp:

1. Give online advice on aspects related to your professional activity to clients anywhere in the world.

2. Give online training in topics that you master in the professional or hobby field and publish one or more electronic books with this material.

3. Create a blog to promote activities, products or services that you know and like.

Let’s see in a little detail, each of these options

Give advice or consultancy online

Whatever your professional activity, there are companies that pay for that knowledge and experience. It is very likely that many of them have the type of need that your knowledge solves and that they want to consult you on specific aspects that you master.

In this regard, there are different platforms that can guide and support you in identifying your market and promoting your services among companies or professionals for whom your knowledge and experience are of interest

If your knowledge is administrative, operational or technical, there are means to promote and sell it. One of the most prominent is Fiverr.

This is a company that groups thousands of service providers in 8 different categories and more than 200 subcategories ranging from logo design, translations, web page design, e-book development, digital marketing, to project management, legal consulting, consulting financial or market research, etc. where you can offer your services and receive advice on how to do it. Look out and ask

Give online training

This is an activity carried out by countless professionals, who have found in training a way to share their knowledge and experience in a productive way.

This activity can be carried out in a face-to-face online modality, in which a specific topic is exposed in one or several sessions until the scope and objectives of the same are covered, for which there are many webinar platforms, which offer all the facilities and guidance to conduct seminars or courses, live, recorded or hybrid. Demio.com is a good option, which you can try and learn about at no cost.

Another way is to design and record the courses, on any of the platforms that exist for this purpose, selling the corresponding video courses through them. Some of the most used platforms are Teachable and Thinkific, which you can consult to learn more about the services they offer and select the one that best suits your needs.

A product that can be made with the material covered in seminars, courses or workshops is the ebook, whose cost of preparation, editing, publication and sale is considerably lower than the printed one and can report very interesting profits, selling it on Amazon, if the topic is useful and interesting in the market.

Create a business Blog

If you have a subject or an activity that you master and you like to talk about it and transmit specialized knowledge, useful for those interested in the subject, you can create a Blog to publish articles about it, and those publications can gradually turn you into a reference or an authority on this particular topic.

A consequence of the above is to start gaining followers of your articles and your Blog which, in addition to the stimulus of having the interest and recognition of many people, can become a resource capable of monetizing, capturing the interest of advertisers on your page by the market niche you speak to and the number of people who follow you.

Another possibility with a Blog is to do Affiliate Marketing, which consists of publishing reviews, or giving sustained recommendations, of products in your area of ​​knowledge and interest and receiving commissions from the advertisers of said products, for the sales made through you.

For this type of business, there are many companies, such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Clickbank, etc. that manage affiliate programs, to promote the products they sell and in which you can find a guide on how to do it, how much they pay and see the amount and variety of products you can promote.

If you are interested in learning how to build, operate and monetize Affiliate Marketing, as a business, the best site I have found to do it and in which I am training is Wealthy Affilate.

There are some other options, to share knowledge and experience, which I will deal with in later articles, but I think that the ones now proposed provide useful material to start exploring.


If you are 60 years or older and want to stay professionally and intellectually active, in the next 20 years, you have the opportunity to expand and deepen your knowledge and use of the Internet to enhance your activities and to monetize them in markets that you cannot imagine.

The Internet offers you a world of possibilities to share knowledge and professional experience or teach the secrets of an activity or hobby that you master or are passionate about.

This stage of your life can be a golden age of stimulating intellectual and mental activity and of capitalizing on what you have learned in life, generating income by sharing your experience and knowledge and empowering them with the knowledge of very valuable and capable people who operate in this sea. of opportunities and possibilities that is the internet.

You can start taking the first steps by making contact with some of the mentioned sites, where you will find guidance, advice and tools to start this incredible adventure.

Your comments, observations or questions are welcome and I will gladly assist them.





  1. Hi there! The first wave of baby boomers turned 65 in 2011, meaning many have reached retirement age. However, just because these employees are approaching retirement age doesn’t mean they are retiring. Most boomers continues to be in good health and want to keep working even though they are able to retire.

    Thanks for sharing this with me!

    • Thank you for your comment Joy, indeed that activity and good health is what is extending the active life of this group and the invitation is that they share their experience and knowledge taking advantage of the facilities offered by the internet to do so. Cheers and nice weekend!

  2. Well the vastness of the experience and knowledge garnered over the courcourse of their life span should be enough reason for them to want to share their experience and for God sake, we are in the technology age where anything ca get to be paid for. This can actually serve as a means to actually make a side hustle by just sharing their depth knowledge

    • Thank you Kimberley for your comments, as you say, we as Boomers have a lot to share and these years from 65 to 80 can be very rich in intellectual activity, satisfaction and income, if we make the decision to share experience and knowledge with other people through the internet. Thanks again!

  3. Hi there, it’s been really lovely and to be honest, I feel really happy to be in that generation of kids that the world would never have to forget and getting a generational name makes it grand indeed. I have had great interest in online businesses and working on how to create my site after a good training is what I am working on at the moment 

    • Congratulations Justin for being part of this unique group and for having taken the step of deepening your involvement on the internet. I believe that in the process of building your website you will grow in security and technical autonomy and I am sure that your experience and knowledge will be reflected in your content and in your results.

  4. I love reading about your Ideas and most especially that of baby boomers, it’s really makes it fun and interesting to impact the world even at your old age, it’s really true that the aged are embedded with a lot of useful experiences and knowledge that could be of great help and sharing it will be so resourceful.

    • Thank you for your comments BjaYbOLt, much of what is our way of life today was transformed by people of this generation, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or The Beatles are some of them and currently several of the most important leaders worldwide, belong to this group, so I am convinced that there are many Baby Boomers with useful knowledge and experience for companies and people and it is my interest to motivate them to share it and use the power of the internet to do so.

  5. I am not a baby boomer but I think it’s a good tgy that I can hear some of the stories that the baby boomers have. My mum is one and since our dad passed away, she has taken it upon herself to tell us stories from the past when she has them. I guess she has exhausted all the stories she has I’m her story bank. Glad to read this and see the comments too

    • Thanks for your comment Jay, many of those stories that your mom has told you, could be interesting, sobering, or funny for many people of younger generations, and sharing them on the Internet could be a very stimulating, enjoyable and fun activity for her. I hope you find a way to cheer her up and help her carry it out. Remember the past with a vision of the future.

  6. I would love to create a website like yours as the template used is really nice, simple and brings about clarity of the write ups, also you wrote a brilliant article on baby boomers. i think that my aunts and uncles need to read this article. i will like to share it to them. thank you very much

    • Thanks Lucas, your comments are very stimulating and I would love for the article to be useful to encourage your uncles and aunts to share their experience and knowledge, on the subject they prefer, because I think it would be an adventure of great mental and intellectual activation combined with the pleasure of giving and receiving.

  7. Hi there, this is a wonderful article to see, and the whole baby boomers idea is Awesome.. As a caregiver for older adults with dementia, alzheimer’s, I know how important it is to keep your brain active, as we age as well as keep our memory and neurons working and connecting,  I Am not a baby Boomer just yet but, absolutely love what you are doing Mdragon

    • Thanks Tina, for your comments. I am convinced that retirement age opens up great opportunities and that being intellectually active is essential to remain lucid. Your words as a professional who cares for the elderly confirm this and encourage me to continue to enthuse BB to share their professional and personal experience through this wonderful resource that is the internet.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful and insightful article with us. The prime element of this article is about Baby Boomers. It is truly impressive that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your article and developed a lot of knowledge about it. I like to Create a Business Blog of the points mentioned in your article. I have an affiliate blog similar to the one you recommended. I developed gradually with training from the Wealthy Affiliate platform.
    So I would say anyone using the internet can spread their knowledge regardless of their age.

    • Thanks for your feedback Asraful. I am glad that you have found interesting information about Baby Boomers, which as I argue in my article have a lot of experience and knowledge to share. I am sure that you made a good decision entering WA and that the business blog that you are starting will be enriched with your knowledge and experience.

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