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Many of the people age 55 or over who are looking for new ways to generate income either with a change of activity or as a complement to their current occupation, can find in Affiliate Marketing, the best option to generate passive income, through the internet.

In this article I am going to explain to you, what is Affiliate Marketing, the elements that make it up, how each of them participates in the game, some significant numbers to size it and how you can start in this business if you consider it interesting and attractive to you.

What´s Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing strategy that many producers, manufacturers, and generators or service providers are using to sell their products. They take advantage of the internet facilities to incorporate promoters and / or sellers who promote and recommend their products, online, anywhere in the world, in exchange for a commission for each sale made through them.

In this way, THE ADVERTISERS have a sales force that they pay for the sale made and THE AFFILIATES win by recommending products, from various advertisers, when purchased, by CONSUMERS, thanks to their recommendation.

The Covid 19 has accelerated the growth of online shopping, causing E-Commerce to have grown in such a way that in the following year it is expected to achieve the sales volume forecast for 2025. Of sales in Ecommerce, 15% are made through Affiliate Marketing and this type of sale has been growing at a rate of 10% each year.

Who uses this marketing strategy?

The first major company to adopt this marketing system was Amazon, the world’s best-selling retail company, which since 1996 saw the opportunity of using the internet to recruit hundreds of thousands of promoters and sellers worldwide. to promote and convince potential customers to purchase your products. It currently markets more than 500 million products, sells more than 300 billion annually, and is one of the platforms most used by affiliate marketers.   

Like this giant, there are other major manufacturers and marketers such as Walmart, Hertz, Duracell, Toys R Us, Trip Advisor, who use Affiliate Marketing as a marketing strategy. 81% of the best-known brands also do it.

In addition to medium and large companies and renowned brands, there are dozens of Affiliate Marketing netwowrks grouping thousands of small businesses, specialists in technology, design, trainers, coaches, consultants, etc. that offer their services online and for whom having affiliated marketers provides them with a sales force, paid for results, to publicize their services, promote and sell them.

The value of the affiliate market is currently estimated at $ 12 billion globally, of which the US participates with about 40%.

How does this system work?

The Affiliate Marketing has 3 basic components: THE ADVERTISER OF THE PRODUCT OR SERVICE; the AFFILIATE MARKETER who recommends and sells it and THE CUSTOMER OR CONSUMER who buys the recommended product or service.

The system has another very important player, which is the AFFILIATE MARKETING NETWORKS, which allow many sellers of products or services, such as trainers, coaches, consultants, designers, artists, dietitians, etc. who do not have an infrastructure to attract, recruit, develop and control affiliate marketers, can use this service, registering on their platforms, for a small commission. In this way, AFFILIATE NETWORKS become a very valuable link among thousands of ADVERTISERS AND MARKETERS. 

The system works like this: THE ADVERTISER OF THE PRODUCT OR SERVICE, subscribes to a network to advertise their product and obtain interested prospects; THE AFFILIATE NETWORK provides individual links on the websites of the AFFILIATE MARKETERS, in order to track their sales; The MARKETER promotes, on its website or on social networks, the selected products from the affiliate network that it selected; THE CONSUMER OR CUSTOMER is attracted by the website or by the ads of the affiliated marketer and makes the purchase through the marketer link; The ADVERTISER of the product pays a commission to the MARKETER for the sale made.

The commission paid ranges from 1 to 10% in companies like Amazon, which sells physical products, up to 30 to 70% in other platforms, which sell digital products.

What do I need to become an affiliate marketer?

To become an affiliate marketer, all you need to do is sign up for one of the networks, select the product you want to promote and obtain the corresponding link that associates you with the product and serves to record your sales and assign you, the corresponding commission.

If you want to build a business as an affiliate marketer, which gives you constant and growing income, you need to acquire knowledge and develop instruments, like your website to have a system of attracting prospects and buyers, so having guidance in this process is recommended to do it in the least time, at the lowest cost and with greater chances of success.

If you are in the process of making a decision in this regard, I share my experience with you, I decided to venture into this field, 2 months ago, after having been searching the internet for options to do an online business, in the face of the isolation conditions generated by Covid 19.

I visited several networks such as Amazon, Clickbank, Hotmart, Fivers, etc. and when I was about to enroll in one of them, I saw a comment about an affiliate network focused on taking a novice, from scratch to generating income,  and this led me to know its website.

I discovered wealthyaffiliate.com the best affiliate network, focused on professionally training an affiliate marketer. This platform has allowed me to get to know the world of affiliate marketing, It has helped me define my niche, to make my website myself, something that I thought was very complicated, providing me with the guide and the technical resources to carry it out, at the lowest price on the market.

Wealthyaffiliate.com has guided me to make my first post on the internet attending to the fine points to generate traffic on my page and currently I have just chosen my first affiliate networks and the first links to specific products that I want to promote and recommend. I am in the process, I feel safe learning with the best and next to achieve my first income.

For someone who starts in this business, starting from scratch, as is my case, it seems to me the best option to do it professionally and achieve the goals that are set.


Affiliate Marketing is the best option for someone who wants to start their online business and earn passive income; it has a market of billions of prospects; It is growing every year and allows you to start your business promoting a variety of products that interest you, like you or are familiar with, without having to invest in them; the barrier to access to this business is minimal and with adequate guidance you can obtain your first sales in a short time and achieve your medium and long-term economic goals.

Affiliate Marketing is a win-win business: the advertiser benefits from sellers who are paid for sales made, the marketer earns revenue by creating value in the form of opinions and reviews of the products the consumer is looking for, and the buyer can get good products by making an informed purchasing decision.

To make this a productive and successful business, it requires guidance, training and the appropriate technical resources to operate with a robust and agile structure, for which there are different options on the internet, of which, Wealthyaffiliate.com is, in my opinion, the best option to start from scratch until you achieve your first income.

Get started in this adventure of unlimited opportunities and without risk in WealthyAffiliate, for free.

Your comments and observations are welcome and I will gladly answer any questions or concerns.



  1. Sometimes ago I decided to quit my job and start something online, be a boss of my own and own my own website and make money from online business. Affiliate marketing was the best I got and I’ve been working on it since then. What matters most in affiliate marketing is getting a good background training before diving into it and also patience is well. required.

    • Thanks BeyondCol, for your correct comments. Both elements seem necessary to me to penetrate with probabilities of success in the affiliate marketing. I am walking the path with good professional experience, but little familiar with the technical part of the pages, SEO and the world of online marketing. I am learning a lot with WA and gaining patience to complete the tasks step by step.

  2. Very interesting post you have here and I must say tha I really fancy all you have shared here. In the first instance, I actually see this affiliate marketing as the best option in making money online. It has a lot of potentials for passive income and thank you so much. Though a lot of people are getting into it, the market is rather very massive which makes it qweomes enough to be used. Thanks

    • Thank you Philip for your comments. Indeed, the number of people registered in the Affiliate Mareting is enormous, but the market is also gigantic with more than 4 billion people using the internet. On the other hand, not all those who start persevere when they realize the work, dedication and discipline that this business demands. It is a great option that must be built and enjoyed.

  3. A very engaging and detailed outline of what affiliate marketing is and how I may be able to build a successful business online. It certainly is not a get-rich-quick scheme and offers a proven system and support to become successful. What is even more attractive from my visit to the Wealthy Affiliate website is that over 1.5 million people use the platform and training to succeed online. That MUST mean it is worthwhile. There are so many schemes out there that you really have to be careful. The supportive community also sounds wonderful for a beginner to find their footing.

    Thank you for your review and the information. You have definitely helped me to make a decision.


    • Thanks Cassandra for your encouraging comments. I am very pleased that the post has been useful to you and your observation about the attractiveness of affiliate marketing, based on the number of colleagues who exercise it, confirms that for many people it is a good option.


  4. There are a lot of ways to make money online but I think affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to get reoccurring income online. You do the work for some time and you can reap the reward continuously for a long time. Achieving success in this line of business is not as difficult as a lot of people might feel neither is it easy to start making money immediately. It does take some time before things start to fall in place and you start making money which is what everyone entering into this line of business hope to achieve.

    • Thanks for your comment Manuel, I think you summarize the affiliate marketing opportunity very well: it offers good possibilities of recurring income, but like any business, it requires effort and perseverance to build it. Go ahed!

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