About me

Hello, I am a professional with rich experience, more than 30 years working with large corporations, retired, restless and convinced of the self-management of personal well-being. 

I believe in entrepreneurship as an attitude of life, which periodically prompts us to leave our comfort zone or to expand it and to renew ourselves and keep ourselves mentally and intellectually fresh, regardless of the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

A few months ago, on the occasion of Covid 19, I decided to go to the internet to get to know it better and take advantage of it to a greater extent and in this process I have been discovering a world of possibilities for people over 55 years of age, who seek and cannot find professional activity, or for retired or retired people, like me, who seem to have done everything they had to do, that it is time to travel, watch Netflix, read books and play with their grandchildren, but who remain restless.

In these 4 months of practical learning, I feel overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge, information and resources that bright young people share, on the internet, in an agile, attractive and accessible way, although mostly aimed at younger audiences with greater familiarity with technical aspects than what we people over 60 years of age have.

For this reason, I believe that my gaze and my experience can be useful to people of my same generation, and my language and communication be a little more accessible for people with a level of computer technology, located in the use of Office, smartphone and some Applications.                                                                                                                     

The approach

My way of serving focuses on:

A. Identify those options of professional and personal activity that, based on the experience lived in this journey and in my personal and professional judgment, I consider that they can be interesting, accessible and feasible for senior adults who want to keep ourselves, mentally and intellectually, active in undertaking an economically productive activity through the internet.

B. Search and select the means and tools, available on the internet, that can facilitate the beginning and advance of this entrepreneurship process and I present them with the informative elements and the considerations of convenience and feasibility that allow my readers to take a Informed decision on the most appropriate and convenient resource for their purpose.

The Goal of my Blog

The idea behind the name of the page: “START Your Business TOOLS”, is to encourage people 55 and older to Start Your Business and provide them with Tools to start it.

My purpose is to make people of my generation aware of the importance of living productively the additional 20 years of life that an entire generation is living for the first time in history.

Share with them the experience that I am living when entering the internet, in terms of opportunities to use it to share and expand knowledge and skills, and select those options and those tools, which in my opinion can facilitate their path.


Dear fellows, If in this process of deciding, starting and building your online business you have any questions or need someone to discuss your ideas with, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to help you.

All the best,



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